Window and Door Security Tips for Your Business

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July 25, 2021
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September 21, 2021
Every business wants to keep its valuable assets in a secure environment. Doors and windows are the weakest links on the premises. Hence securing these access points plays a vital role in keeping out burglars. However, locking your doors and windows might not be enough to keep thieves out. Thus reinforcing your main door and windows will undoubtedly make your business premises burglar-proof.
You might need to install tempered glass, sensors, window bars, cameras, motion lights, among others.

1. Install window bars

Since ancient times physical barriers have worked the magic of keeping intruders out. They prevent glass and locks from being smashed. Moreover, a burglar won’t be able to squeeze through the bars. However, you may need to check in with your local fire code regarding the installation of window bars. You may need to keep your windows as a potential fire exit route. However, you may install customized bars that have a quick-release mechanism for your easy exit.

2. Upgrade the outdoor lighting

Lighting and security go hand in hand. Lighting compounds driveways and hallways coupled with cameras and motion sensors help alert you of suspicious activity within the premises. Anyone attempting to enter a building through a window will think twice if there is a floodlight. However, if you are concerned about energy consumption or bright lights, consider installing motion-activated lights.

3. Security cameras

This is possibly the most popular option. Security cameras have a way of intimidating intruders if they know they are being recorded or watched. Security cameras offer businesses situational awareness inside and outside the building. Moreover, it is also a great way of correcting evidence in case there is a breaking. Install security cameras with night vision and or infrared. Another great feature is to use check cameras through your smartphone.

4. Reinforce your door frames and hinges

Upgrading your door hinges is not complicated. Just make sure that the screws on the doors are at least 2 ½” inches long. The use of shorter screws is a security threat. Another way of reinforcement is installing hinge bolts. They will sit in a hole in the jamb as the door is closed.

5. Install windows sensors

These are security systems designed to detect when the window is opened. It is used to alert others systems like sirens of unauthorized access. Moreover, it can also be configured to send alerts to your smartphone.

6. Installing tempered glass

Replace your existing glass with tempered glass, which is four times stronger than ordinary glass. They are made through repeated heating and cooling to make them stronger. Tempered glass crumbles instead of breaking hence limiting access.

Unlike in the past, advancement in technology has allowed businesses to have numerous options to protect themselves. The use of sensors, cameras, physical improvements coupled with phone alerts have enhanced situational awareness around your business premises.