What Is The Most Common Material Used As Toilet Partitions?

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June 20, 2022
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There are four main types of toilet partitions available for sale. Ordinarily, the kind of partition used is dependent on how much traffic is going to the washroom.

Below are some most common types of partitions.

  • Metal

Metal partitions are the most well-known and economical choice available for bathrooms. The most famous metal partition is the powder-covered steel. The color is put on by powdering the steel and putting it in an oven, on which the powder is heated on the surface. The powder steel is spread over a metal sheet that obscures honeycomb cardboard. Most producers will provide an option of a 1-year warranty.

  • Plastic Laminate

This kind of partition will likely cost around 10% more than powder-covered steel. Like the previous type of partition, most manufacturers will provide a warranty limited to 1 year on their items. The pieces are made by sticking a laminated layer to a molecule board substrate.

A thin sheet of laminate is then applied to the metal sheet. It has become prevalent as you can get it in a wide assortment of colors, and one can customize the final product. A plastic laminate is not recommended in humid regions, for instance, in water parks and pool washrooms. Installing this partition away from a shower region is highly recommended.

  • Solid Plastic

Partitions made from solid plastic are very strong and immune. They consist of solid plastic boards that are one inch thick, costing around 75% more than powder-covered steel partitions and approximately 65% more than the plastic laminate partition. Solid plastic partitions are best suitable for public washrooms, schools, transportation facilities washrooms, and weighty traffic restrooms.

They have a warranty of almost 10 to 15 years due to their longevity. Therefore, one can utilize them almost everywhere. They are expensive however, they are likely to last longer than most partition types.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel partitions are the most ideal choice if you are looking for a complex and lasting look. One can get them with some pattern engraved on the stainless board. Out of the four partitions, the stainless steel ones are the most costly, and they can cost two times as much as the powder-covered steel partitions.

They are easy to clean, can last a long time, and are resistant to scratches. Partitions made from stainless steel can be utilized in any environment, for instance, water or muggy conditions. Their main drawback is that they are expensive, and at times they can be too heavy to put up, but once they are, they can swing without any problem.

These four choices that are listed above are among the top picks of wall partitions that are up for sale. There are several more options that are easily accessible; however, everything relies on what you will need to install. Ensure you look at prices, and also remember that the design of the washroom will likewise affect the cost of your partition