What Are Commercial Doors Made Of?

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June 27, 2021
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August 13, 2021

What are commercial doors made from? There are various materials used to make commercial doors. The most commonly used material for commercial doors are vinyl and aluminum and although both of these can be quite expensive, they certainly last much longer than fiberglass and wooden doors. What is more commercial glass doors not only look classy and elegant but are also used as an extra security measure? They are more effective at blocking the cold and preventing the heat from entering the commercial building, especially during summer, because during the hot season, glass doors are easily broken and damaged.


Another thing that differentiates all the different kinds of commercial doors is their functionality. For instance, what sort of functionality do you need in your door? The basic types of commercial buildings doors include UPVC and wooden doors. The first one is the cheapest of them all. It is made of timber but because of its low cost, this kind of door is commonly installed in low-income houses, accommodation and boarding kennels, care homes and military establishments. On the other hand, UPVC is made from strong plastic or aluminum and is the most expensive of all.


You will come across many different kinds of commercial spaces where these types of doors are manufactured. For instance, there are bi-fold and sliding glass commercial doors that can be installed in the hallway or at the entrance of any business establishment. Bi-fold doors require the help of an expert and if it’s installed incorrectly, chances are that it will not serve the purpose that it has been intended for. Sliding glass doors on the other hand require no expert help and you can simply install them yourself. What’s more, you will find out that installing them is not a difficult task and after completing them, you will have no problems accessing any part of the establishment.


There are two different types of sliding glass commercial doors that you can use at the entrance of your office. Firstly, there are those that are manufactured using heavy-duty glass and you can install them in almost any type of commercial buildings. On the other hand, bi-fold ones are manufactured using corrugated fiberboard panels and you will need expert help in their installation. Hence, before selecting the door types, you must make sure that you get the best for your business.


If you are looking for a cost-effective way of improving security in your business premises, then you should consider purchasing door locks that are made from high-quality materials. What’s more, if you buy the door locks after researching online, you can get some great deals from reputed manufacturers. Apart from bi-fold and sliding glass commercial doors, magnetic locks can also be used to improve the safety level of these buildings. On the other hand, if you are planning to upgrade the entire interiors of your building, installing new doorknobs can add value to your building along with increasing its appeal.


A major factor that you must consider while selecting the material used to manufacture commercial doors is its strength. A good door must have great strength as it can withstand the pressure of people, traffic, and extreme weather conditions. Hence, look for an option that can resist extreme weather conditions and provide you with the comfort level required. Durable glass doors are ideal for shops, stores, restaurants, hospitals and residential buildings, as they can easily sustain damages due to fire, explosion, or any other disaster.