How To Choose A Commercial Door Lock

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When it comes to security, you never know who will try to enter your business. That’s why it’s vital to have strong, secure door locks that can deter would-be intruders. If you’re looking for commercial door locking solutions, you might wonder what makes one better than another; here are some tips on choosing the right commercial door lock for your business.

1) Size
Commercial doors come in many sizes. You have standard double doors, which weigh around 60 pounds each. Then there are sliding single-hinged doors, weighing about 45 pounds each. There are also weighty doors such as those used by garages and warehouses. Look for a lock that works with your needs and budget and will give you peace of mind.

2) Security Level
It’s crucial to pick a lock that offers high levels of security. The more expensive door locks are designed to prevent people from using bolt cutters, hand drills, and other dangerous tools. Consider your business’s risk level and the number of employees working on site along with traffic patterns, and pick a lock meeting these requirements.

3) Operating Range
If you install more than one lock at your commercial facility, you’ll have to pick outdoor locks within a specific operating range. So if you installed a single-point deadbolt on each door at your workplace, you’d probably need a lock ranging from 10 to 15 feet. Most locks operate over a much smaller area than this, so it’s always good to check their specifications before purchasing a new lock.

4) Durability
The other part of picking the perfect commercial door lock involves durability. Many popular brands claim they’re made of 100% steel. But this isn’t necessarily true. Some cheaper versions may contain less metal or plastic while still claiming to offer 100% resistance to breakage. It’s essential to know precisely what materials are used in manufacturing to avoid spending your money unnecessarily.

5) Efficiency
When you’re shopping for a quality lock, don’t overlook efficiency. What does this mean? Well, take a look at the instructions provided with every product. Does it provide clear images showing exactly how the device should be mounted?

Do the instructions include a list of points to watch out for when installing the lock to ensure it looks great and operates smoothly? Also, always check that the price matches up to the lock’s effectiveness.

6) Get a lock that is affordable and easy to store/install
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a door lock is its affordability. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a lock that won’t be effective at preventing intruders from entering your business.

Another critical factor to consider is the ease of installation. Don’t forget that door locks must be appropriately installed to function correctly. Make sure you have someone who can do the job efficiently and effectively.

Picking the right commercial door lock for your facility requires attention to detail and care. However, once you have done enough research, choosing the correct lock shouldn’t be too tricky!