How Do I Measure For Commercial Toilet Partitions?

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August 13, 2021
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October 21, 2021

Measuring commercial toilet partitions is a simple process. While it seems like a big challenge, it’s important to get this right. Doing so will ensure that the dimensions of the bathroom are accurate for a smooth installation. Here is a guide for you if you’re wondering how to measure for commercial partitions. This applies to commercial or private installation.

First Steps

Even if you aren’t an artist, you need to create a rough sketch of the bathroom. Note variances of your layout. Here are some tips for various styles of bathroom layouts. While there might be other types, these are the ones you typically see.

Recessed Design

If the restroom has a recessed design, you must measure side to side, then the sidewall to the spot of the placement for the partition. After that, measure from there to the back wall. You need to mark the measurement of the height and the width of each. Add to that the measurements of the recessed location. You must account for those things because these partitions come ready to install. No changes can happen.

Alcove Design

When your design is an alcove layout, then you must do the same, but account for the alcove measurements as well. Add these to the drawing you created. That way, you can reference them later than needed.

Corner Design

If it’s in a corner layout, you’ll need to measure from the center of the panel to the outside. Add to that the measurements for the angles of the corner. That way it matches at installation.

Now begin the detailed measurements. Take your sketch and notate each of the following points. These details ensure the final results will look perfect. If this is your commercial work, you’ll keep your client happy.

1. Get the measurement of the location farthest from your door. This is the beginning point. Then measure the height and the width.

2. Now measure the wall of the partition. Add to that the width and the height of the back walls.

3. After that, measure the length and height of those same spaces.

4. To comply with federal OSHA regulations, each toilet that has a partition has a door. Measure the width and height of each door. Allow for enough space from the wall, so the door can open within those perimeters.

5. You’ll also need the measurements for the urinal partitions. If the urinal is separate from the other stalls, you’ll need to measure those too.

Federal Laws

Make sure, as a business owner, you comply with the local and federal laws for handicapped stall partitions and staff restrooms. The same thing applies to OSHA laws. Commercial locations must provide restroom access to employees by law. The number of toilets available is also part of those laws.