July 19, 2022

What Is The Most Common Material Used As Toilet Partitions?

There are four main types of toilet partitions available for sale. Ordinarily, the kind of partition used is dependent on how much traffic is going to […]
June 20, 2022

What is a commercial grade door?

A commercial-grade door is a perfect solution for high-traffic areas. These are the doors that you find in bus stations, schools, hospitals, and other heavily used […]
March 26, 2022

How To Choose A Commercial Door Lock

When it comes to security, you never know who will try to enter your business. That’s why it’s vital to have strong, secure door locks that […]
February 20, 2022

What materials are commercial bathroom stalls made of?

Stainless steel and laminate are two of the most common materials used for commercial bathroom stalls. They’re durable, look modern, and are very easy to clean. […]